Audi S4 – AIR SUSPENSION TEST With Matt Farah!

Are you a big slammed car fan? You like running it low and look dope when parking or picking up a friend? Then again, you want to be able to drive it on bumpy roads, canyons? Ever thought about AIR SUSPENSION? If you are guided by the myth that those kinds of stuff are for low riders or show cars, you are mistaken. Our friends from Accuair Suspensions implemented Air Suspension into their Audi S4. So join us as we test it. Let`s take a ride with Matt Farah as he takes the S4 for an air suspension test on the Canyon Road which he considers the bumpiest unpaved road!

The most slammed Audi S4, refurbished by Accuair Suspensions seems to have no problems on this driveway. With 3 preset levels: low, medium and high – bump troubles are over! Do not hesitate to take your slammed sports car to a rocky road no more. What is cool is the automatic leveling as the system takes measurements every few seconds and levels up accordingly to your actions. We hope you’ll find this air suspension test useful!

See what you need so you could feel cool, modern and comfortable at the same time as well as maintaining your car like every owner should.

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