Uphill Drift In Audi 200! This Car Is Perfect For This Lunacy!

Do you like Winter Sports? Do you like Motor Sports? Would you like to combine them?! Hell Yeah!!! Check out this video where an INCREDIBLE driver is UPHILL drift on SNOW performing one heck of SLALOM with his AUDI 200 Turbo! Don`t you just love people with extra adrenaline in their veins? This video clearly represents what it means to know how to enjoy life! The example is given through this footage where the driver is passing ski slopes and doing it in a very EXTREME way!

Therefore, feel free to see the video for yourself and be amazed by the skills of this driver! This Car Is Definitely Perfect For This Kind Of Lunacy! This thing has Quattro drive and a 5-cylinder turbocharged 200HP engine 200 hp. Maybe not that impressive nowadays, it’s enough to full around in this ski area.

Finally, you might not think of these cars to be the most drifty ones, but check them!

Enjoy the video below!

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