RACE 1000 Presents: NISSAN GTR ALPHA, AUDI RS7, MERCEDES AMG GT, TOYOTA SUPRA…All Trying To Break The Sound Barrier On Land! Interested?!

When you have a bunch of ultra-powerful and insanely fast supercars at one place, and each and every one of them is trying to do its best, show off a best possible performance, achieve their fastest time ever, I think that we could say by all means, that we`re talking about a real Gearhead paradise! And Race 1000 event is all that! A series of race events, organized by a German group of adrenaline rush seekers, who have managed to gather so many sports rides at one place, and go on tours, where every single ride is trying to break the sound barrier!

The following clip that we have prepared today, only for your pleasure, is everything a typical Gearhead would love to see. Cars like the Nissan GTR Alpha, Audi RS7, Mercedes AMG GT, Toyota Supra, Porsche 911, and many, many more, have gathered on May 29, at this Half-Mile event in Germany, to show off their best! Even though we do not get to see the official results of the cars that are running, according to unofficial reports, most of them are going over 200mph.

But talk is talk, and walk is walk! Thus, we won`t bother you with any more unnecessary chit chats, so just check out the clip below and enjoy the following 7 minutes of ultimate joy and pleasure! And if you want to find out more about Race 1000, click here.