When it comes to the fabulous Italian knights, the one and only Lamborghini models, it seems like there is never enough of beauty, power and high-speed action! And of course, this goes double for the hardcore Lamborghini aficionados… Thus, today we have prepared one really special and exciting video clip for all those amongst you who are feeling that they are belonging to this group. Because what you are about to see is three Lambo beasts, builds of the Heffner Performance and OB Prestige, which combined among each other are freely estimated over 6000 HP!

One of them is probably the hottest Lambo on the race scene nowadays, the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, which I`m sure will make many of you watching it with your mouth open. And the other two are nothing less but totally breathtaking, I can tell you that much!

So just watch the following video and see how this group of three 6000 hp Lamborghinis that has taken many awards, is behaving on that Half-Mile distance strip. And if you want to see more of Twin Turbo Lamborghini, doing some serious damage on the strip, go to this link.