4000HP DRAG RACE Between Two TWIN TURBO Lamborghinis!

When somebody shouts Lamborghini you immediately move your head to see this marvelous Italian beauty that keeps shaking the public streets since 1963. Maybe that was the real motive for these guys to push the borders that the brand had made and to make the most powerful Lambos ever. So next time nobody will have to shout out, when one of these Lamborghini crosses by, as the sounds of the engine will be heard from far, far away. With a twin turbo setup and 2000hp these twin turbo Lamborghinis are ready to show their big power.

As you will see in the video, the only problem that can be recognized with these super fast cars is how to actually lower the huge power. Moreover, it is important to mention that these specs have resulted with a top speed record and the blue Lambo that you will see in this video is the one that broke the MPH record in California.

No matter which team you support, GTR or Lamborghini, we are sure that you will want to enter in one these monsters one day in order to feel the unique driving experience that they offer. Talking about teams, we cannot wait for one more drag race between the two twin turbo Lamborghinis! Is now this Lambo the favorite?!

Enjoy the video below!

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