1000WHP DRAG Skyline GTR Engine Start Up? The Best Foreplay!

All of us who are getting turn-ons on great cars with a powerful motor under the hood, know very well how thrilling, dramatic and suspenseful is the moment when that big and mighty engine starts up and one can hear the roars of the awesome car, right? It is one hell of a breathtaking moment in which the anticipation is coming to an end and you can fully enjoy the fruits of your work. It is beginning with the `moaning` of the fuel pump, than you turn of the key (or the button) and here comes the GRAAAW moment you love so much! A real foreplay for every gear head in the world! What else can beat that?! Well, maybe this GTR engine went a little further than that!

So today we have come up with one such video, a real treat for every Skyline GTR fan in the world, in which you can experience all those abovementioned moments. It is one real racing GTR monster, with an engine under the hood that can give an output of astonishing 1000 WHP, getting ready and warming up for the upcoming drag battle.

Sounds interesting? If so, than watch the video bellow and give me your thoughts about it in the comment section!

Enjoy the video below!

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