Hotshoe Customs 360 Motorcycle! Air Suspension Tire Drop Chop!

If you are Into hot and not your everyday looking choppers, than this next one will definitely hit the right spot in you. It is a video from one highly customized bike, extremely bagged, with a hydraulics installed that makes it go all the way down to the ground when it is parked, and than bounce right back up, once you decide to hit the road with it. It has a great black paint job, big back wheel and tire and to tell you the truth, my impressions are that it looks like it came out from a Batman film. Not that it resembles Robin`s bike, but somehow it fits that Gotham City darkish style. But that is just me! Too bad we do not have the list of specs to give you, so that we can all find out in details what this 360 motorcycle is powered by, and how does it roll.

But once we saw the video, we could not have resisted showing it to you, one of the best custom built bikes out there. Those of you who are familiar with the work Hotshoe Customs, probably know already what I`m talking about. But anyway, watch the following video and see what a great 360 Motorcycle chopper this is!

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Enjoy the video below!

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