BATMAN’S TOYS: The Batpod & The Tumbler at Niagara Falls State Park!

This is how the Batman is doing it! Today we are bringing you one of the most attractive `weapons` out of the Bat-Cage, and we will get up close and personal with the fabulous Bat-Bike, aka the Batpod! And you all know it too well that when it comes to awesome bikes, it does not get much better than this, right? Thanks to Christopher Nolan and his creative team, here comes one of the most attractive motorcycles out there, the one and only Batpod! In the following video, you are about to see how this wet dream of every chopper fan and Harley aficionado looks like in real life and on day light. The clip was shot at Terrapin Point in Niagara Falls State Park some six years ago, during the promotional campaign of (back then) upcoming new film about the famous Marvel character, Batman, The Dark Knight, when the Batpod and the Tumbler were introduced to the fans.

It really does not matter whether you like motorcycles or not, this monster bike is something that each and everyone of us would like to have it in his garage and take it for a ride. It is so powerful and great looking just watching it on the video, let alone in real life. I mean…just take a look this Niagara Falls State Park.

Enjoy the video below!

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