UNBELIEVABLE: Batman Spotted with the Batman Bike Trike on the Japanese Highway! EPIC!

People are just crazy about superheroes and superhero comics and movies too. Some of them even live in their own superhero world, which frankly is kind of weird. Don`t get us wrong, we should all strive to be somebody`s superhero, by helping, teaching etc. However, jumping from building to building in the middle of the night, dressed in a funny costume is not what we are referring to. On the other hand, there are people who look quite cool dressed as a comic superhero. Of course, as long as they keep it cool. One such example is featured the video you are about to watch. At least, it looks so to us. Anyway, this recording is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE! It is a word of Gotham`s defender BATMAN, riding his Batman bike trike! As you can see on the video bellow he has been spotted with the Batman Bike Trike on the Chiba Highway in Japan! Probably Batman went on a holiday in Japan and has brought his bat-trike, toys and suit with him!

Nevertheless, this situation may seem as awkward but the man masked as BATMAN is living his dream! He is wearing the Batman suit and is riding the Batman trike! We just hope that he is not some kind of a lunatic with a “mission to save the world” in his head. Or maybe he is just concentrated on the road, because he is riding that Batman bike trike quite fast! No matter what is his intention, only watching this random guy on the highway creates a grin on your face, and will most certainly make your day! As far as we can see, he is well equipped and the Batman Bike trike looks as authentic as possible! It is definitely a retelling situation that will most likely be a hot topic for a while!

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