Quick! To the BATMOBILE! Apparently, Batman heard that some trouble was going on at the NHRDA World Finals, so he decided to go there by himself and see what`s going on! He left Robin out of this action, we do not know why. However, Ryan Milliken decided to transform his 1941 Willys into a Diesel BATMOBILE! What he did was amazing -- he did some really fancy body kit design to make this classic car look like the one from the Batman movies! Later on, he installed a Duramax engine underneath the hood, some heavy slicks and this thing was ready to go and save the world from bad drivers!

The video will show you how Batman won the Pro Stock division at the NHRDA World Finals! With its powerful engine and awesome look, he beats every opponent that comes in his way! His Diesel Batmobile can go a 1/4 mile in 10 seconds!!! And that was not only once, he repeated that timing with every opponent he had as they could all only see his rare tires! Check out the `41 Willys borrowed by Batman! When NHRDA is in trouble, Batman is here to save it!

At last, if you want to see one more beast -- the stunning looking Lamborghini Ankonian which is a mix of a Batmobile and a Lamborghini Reventon, click here.