Hell Yeah or Hell No? Check Out This Bagged Nissan GTR R35!

Maybe some of you will not agree with me over the claim that this bagged Nissan GTR R35 looks very cool and powerful, but hey, everyone has its own right to an opinion. Those of you who would argue that there is absolutely no need to destroy the suspension on such a great sports car that can be handled almost perfectly, are probably right, so I`m not going to get into a debate over it. But still, I can not avoid to stress the fact that it look so damn good – and that is also a fact! Don`t you agree with me on that one?

I also do not get turned-on on the hydraulics, I do not like it all, and especially I do not think that it is the right way to show off and pretend to be a hot shot that way with Nissan GTR. But once you put it down, the car looks even more impressive than a `regular` R35. Plus, in this case, the color on the wheel is also a great match. Just watch the following video and I think that you will agree with me on that.

Finally, check out this Godzilla right here!

Enjoy the video below!

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