Vinyl Wrapped Rims Are The Thing! Save MONEY & Look AWESOME! Check Out This AMAZING TUTORIAL!

Are you thinking of changing something about your car? Are you bored of the old look your car has for years now?  How about some nice MATTE BLACK rims?! They really do look awesome and we are going to teach how to wrap them by yourself using a matte black colored vinyl! You do not need to take your car to the paint shop. That will only waste your time and your hard earned money! What you WANT to do is simple! Get yourself some vinyl, take the tire out, sit comfortably on the ground, put some music on and BEGIN! We present to you the Vinyl Wrapped Rims, which is something that everybody seems to be doing and it`s great! Now we know people are pretty skeptical when it comes to Vinyl Wrapped Rims.

We suppose you are too while reading this text. Many have tried it and failed. The vinyl came off after three days and you got stuck with ridiculously looking rims! But this is not like that and you will see that after the tutorial! Here is a little intro on what to expect from this Vinyl wrapped rims tutorial!

First, cut a piece of vinyl as big as your tire, put it over the rim and go over it with a hardboard to stick it nicely to the rim! After you`ve done that, take a heat gun and point it to all the gaps to make them soft and easy to cut later on. As well as being used on rims and body parts,
vinyl wrap is also used for boats.

This should take you about half an hour and the results will satisfy you! Instead of paying hundreds of dollars, do it yourself! It will only cost you $10 a rim $0 of labor work!!! Check it out!

Finally, if you want to see some amazing paint jobs, follow this link!