How To Spike Motorbike Tires!

If you own a sport bike and you wanted to spike motorbike tires, then you already know that it`s impossible to purchase them! Spike tires for sport bikes are not being produced, so, unfortunately, you have to do it yourself and this video will show you how. There are several ways to do it depending on the terms of use. Hence, in order to make stunts on the ice we recommend short frequent spikes. On the other hand, if you will be riding off road on the snow, you probably want longer spikes that are not that frequent! SNOW TIRES for sports bikes can be easily made at home!

Of course, never forget to determine the length before you go buying screws because screw`s length can be different for different tires. In our case, the spikes should be 1-1.5 cm long and frequent. If you have the chance to get screws with flat hat – that would be perfect!

When you spike the rear tire make sure you get 5mm longer screws. This process is definitely boring, but that`s the only way you`ll get yourself spiked tires! Check out the tutorial bellow, learn how to spike your own tires and please share your thoughts in the comments.