StreetBike ON ICE With Bikes, Rally Car & SnowMobile Adventure!

Oh man…Believe me when I tell you that the following video that we have prepared in this article will rock your world in the most positive way! It is coming from the land of Santa Claus, in the northern part of Finland, called Levi Lapland. And if by any chance you decide to go up there, it is not Santa Claus that you are going to meet, but this group of guys, equipped with the state of the art rides, awesome street bike, Motorcross bike (off-road bike), snowmobile and one great looking Rally Car. It is well known that Finish people are the best and most passionate drivers from all of the `Viking people` who are living in this part of Europe (they have given the world several Formula 1 champions), so it should not be a surprise that they have created this absolute icy mayhem, as they are calling their video including streetbike on ice.

Drift-driving, excellent stunts, incredibly attractive wheelies, these guys are doing it all! So I would not take any more of your time by chatting about it, but will let you watch the video and fully enjoy the following minute and a half. This street bike on ice video will be worth every second!