Is This The Best Looking Charger 1968 EVER?

Sometimes there are moments in life when you are left completely speechless and with your jaw on the floor from so much beauty, that you actually need some time to get back into the reality and continue living like you use to do before that `fateful moment`. I`m sure that you know what I`m talking about, especially when it comes to the world of cars, when you come across to some out of this world specimen and you become totally mesmerized from all that beauty and awesomeness at one place. This best looking Charger that you are about to see in only a few moments will be the best proof of everything abovementioned. It is one of the best (if not The Best) Chargers that I have seen in my entire life.

With a perfect done body lines, and an ominous and extremely appealing black paintjob, and with the blower out of the hood, stunning wheels…it is a perfect dream car for every true muscle car fan in the world!

And from the info we got about it, this best looking Charger was literally back from the dead, as it was about to be thrown to the shredder. The best proof that for those with a vision, nothing is impossible!

Check out the video bellow and enjoy this next six minutes.