Whenever you pass by a so called fancy car, you get enough material to talk about for months. Your friends and family get sick of you talking about the brand new Porsche you saw couple of days ago down town! Well, imagine how excited you would be if you saw a Gold Car Combo of Lamborghini Aventador accompanied with a brand new Porsche 918, Range Rover and a golden Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6?! Yeah right, like that`s going to happen… We believe that is what you thought. Well do not say it again!

The video we are about to show you shows how visitors of The Dubai Mall spotted these lovely `toys` in front of the building! Although the cars from the footage are hardly affordable, from some reason we find pleasure in just watching them! And there is nothing bad about it, who knows when you are going to get the chance to see these luxury in motion again! With all the power and torque they hide underneath the hood, it`s no wonder they cost so much! There you go car lovers, it`s all a man needs. Click on the footage and enjoy!

Anyway, find out what the color of your car says about you!