We’re Witnessing Major Changes In Volkswagen Group!

It seems that it is a regular occurrence for various car manufacturing companies to undergo certain changes. This trend surely is previously thought off. However, the risk always is massive and no one certainly knows what will happen later. Nonetheless, Volkswagen Group is making some awesome changes in its core. For those of you who don`t know, VW will drastically change by 2030. All of its 300 or so models will be electrified. Yes, you can get your favorite VW model on electric drive train. But, Volkswagen does not plan on stopping here. Many huge changes are coming. The company always thinks of giving the best offer to its costumer. That is the simple reason why they are always very successful. Maybe no one had expected, but they are going to change their logo. We are all going to see the new logo next year!

volkswagen group huge changes 1

As Jochen Sengpiehl, their chief marketing officer, states, the new logo will represent the core changes in the company. It should look very futuristic, which is the goal for the whole company. Every advertising and communication agency will be able to submit its idea. Volkswagen Group is thoroughly going to inspect each and every submission. Eventually, a year from now, we are going to see their brand new logo. The last change took place in 2012, but it was nothing serious. The logo was pretty similar to the one in 2000, it just looks a bit more 3D now. Well, this won`t stop the company from making a huge step forward. They are also investing huge amounts of money into the autonomous driving world. The company would like to make sure that they are somewhere at the top all the time. They are certianly doing a great job so far!

volkswagen group huge changes 2

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