Wondering HOW TO Install NOS?! Watch This AMAZING TUTORIAL To Find Out!

If you are a fan of fast cars, powerful engines then we suppose you like NOS! Ever thought of installing one in your ride? Maybe yes you just did not know how? Well stay with us and we will show you how to do it! In this video we have a Honda S2000 and our goal for today is to learn how to install NOS and go faster! And yeah, NOS can make everything go fast, even a Honda!

All jokes aside, we would also like to teach you what NOS actually is. Nitrous oxide or commonly known as NOS or the “laughing” gas contains two parts – Nitrogen and one part – Oxygen. It became very popular in the motor industry back in the 70`s. Nevertheless, the goal we have in today`s video is to implement NOS into a Honda S2000 and make it battle with a TD04 turbo charged MX5 and of course – make it win! So that should be it, you have everything you need to know about how to install NOS in this video.

First thing first, when installing NOS, you need to find the adequate location in your car to store the NOS bottle. Scottie decides to put the NOS in the boot. And it needs to be angled in a way that the valve is at the highest point. It all fits together in the following way: From the boot the NOS is attached with a line to the engine bay. The blue lines are the NOS lines and the red lines are the fuel lines. The NOS lines are attached into the intake of the engine. And the fuel lines goes into the fuel tank. That way the NOS and the fuel are mixed together and the car goes way faster!

Click on the video bellow and see how Scottie thoroughly explains all the main characteristics of a Nitrous oxide and gives you a tutorial how to install NOS in your ride!  Go fast – go NOS!!!

Finally, see what happens when you do not know how to use your NOS!