This website is not all about showing you great cars! Every now and then we make sure to put in a DIY video so that you can learn a new trick or two! This is why Tutorial videos are always welcomed in our club, especially if you prefer to do do-it-yourself upgrades on your vehicles. This time our focus is motorcycle tire removal and the lesson is how to implement the so-called Zip Tie method.Wondering how the method works? Well, believe it or not, you really need only a pack of zip ties and your bare hands to remove the tire from the wheel. As explained in the video, the first thing you have to do is to let the air out. Next thing you have to do, is to use a $30 harbor freight morrow, but before that you just have to spray the tire with water and baby soap mix to stretch the space between the tire and the wheel. After that, you put there the zip ties and voila – the tire is easily removed from the wheel.

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