How To Restore Dingy Headlights? NO PROBLEM! This Easy TRICK Will Make Them SHINE Like NEW AGAIN!

Since the day you decided you want to own our own car, or the day your parents bought you your first car or you bought it yourself, you knew that with it comes great responsibility! Very soon, you realized that it`s not all about putting gas in it and drive it, there is lot of maintenance to be done! From oil changing, chain installing to everything else! Well, keeping the headlights clean comes in as well! This week we have set apart the most outstanding educational videos that can really help us with our cars’ problems. This time we will show you one way of how to restore dingy headlights! So far, we have learned how to fix dents, remove scratches, etc, and now we go even deeper with our solutions, as it is time to restore the dingy headlights.

Old and yellow headlights of a car, say a lot about its careless owner, but that title today will be easily changed. All you need is a bug spray and a towel and your headlights will look so fresh, like you bought the car yesterday. From my own experience, I can say that this method works. Patience and step following is very important and you will learn how to restore dingy headlights!

However, people are still asking how long does the shine last before you have to reapply the bug spray again? Well the answer is few months, but that mainly depend on what exactly the bug spray is doing to the lens. Experts say that the bug spray eats the top layer of the headlights and make them tacky. But that can be your mistake, especially if you leave the spray on it for a while or did it in direct sun light.

Finally, if you want to see 8 easy steps on how to fix the dents on your car, follow this link!