How To Unlock Your Car Without Keys In LESS Than 10 SECONDS!

How many times have you forgotten the keys of your car inside the car? If I ask myself, my answer would be LOTS OF. Do you need to Unlock Your Car Without Keys?

To break the window or to use a stick to open the door is not a perfect solution and God knows when we will be capable to open a door using only our voice. That is why traditional tricks are always welcomed and for this you would only need a shoe lace and handy fingers. So, what should you do?

To Unlock Your Car Without Keys, first you have to make a simple knot, wide enough to catch the door opener inside your car. If you still wonder how, then fold a string in half. Now treat it as one string and tie a knot in the middle of it. The two loose ends are your loose ends. Hold the loop on the door opener and then pull the strings tight. If you now wonder yourself, how are you going to put the knot inside, then thanks the thickness of the shoe lace that can enter into the small hole between the door and the body.

At last, we must mention that you should not violate this method and use it for other cars.

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