Neil Unger – 55 Year Old Man Skating Will Leave You Speechless!

How inspiring and amazing this whole video is! We have a man who proves us that age is just a number and you are as young as you want to be! Meet Neil Unger, the 55 year old man skating and leaving his time at the skate parks.

If this is the first time you hear of him, it`s important to know that this modest 55 year old man skating is declaring himself as a beginner! However, from the video presented below, we can see that he has not ridden a skateboard in a long time. But, even so, he performs the basic tricks! And by basics we mean a kick flip which is not that easy to perform, especially if you are 55 and haven`t ridden in a while! That, however proves that Neil Unger really had the skills.

And the kick flip is only one piece of all the tricks Neil performs in front of the camera. He does the old school “sissy bounce”, than does the back manual! The way he talks and asks the camera guy if he caught it on tape is adorable. You can see that he enjoys riding a Skateboard!

Actually, Neil Unger explained how he feels about skateboarding in a different video. He says that it leaves his mind be. It relaxes him as he does not think about anything when he skates. His modesty is also expressed through the fact that he describes himself as a beginner and adds that he only knows 20 – 30% of the basic tricks.
However, this 55 year old man skating in the park is the happiest and most cheerful moment that marked our day. Knowing how his peers feel at 55, we salute this brave man!

Finally, if you want to see the basic skateboard tricks, follow this link!


Enjoy the video below!

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