“EL TORO” Skyline GTR R32 FROM HELL: 1400HP with NOS!

Check this incredible Nissan Skyline GTR R32 EL TORO R32 GT-R from HELL! This beast has RB30, 3.2L, 1253.5 HP at 1429.6 Nm on C16 (without NOS) and 1400HP with NOS!

Are you ready for some noise? Yes, it is literally some, because this video you are about to see is rather short. It is short `cause this car doesn`t need much time in order to disappear! However, it`s totally worth it and we are able to hear the aforesaid numbers! At one moment, you see the car right here in front of you, and just seconds later the orange car becomes an orange spot in the distance! That`s how fast it is! Check out the amazing, heavily tuned up Japanese machine! All the credits for building this vehicle go to Pro Import Motorsports.

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Enjoy the video below!

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