World’s Most EXPENSIVE Car Polish Costs up to £7,000-a-time!

How much money are you prepared to set apart for your car maintenance?! Well, we all have a limited budget, but if you have already managed to buy the rare Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Aventador or a Ferrari… then I believe you won`t care about how much one paint job can cost. That is why we once again visit the billionaire`s club, where the Most EXPENSIVE Car Polish costs up to £7,000-a-time! To be honest, for that price everyone would try to make the best polish ever, and so did these guys who use the wax that costs a cool £8,200 a tub, special microscopes and scanners in order for the smallest imperfections on the surface of the car to be spotted.

This extraordinary method for polishing takes about 8 hours, long enough so every inch can be analyzed in details.

You can find this guys here:

Check out the video with the Most EXPENSIVE Car Polish in the world and please check the photo gallery and another video of Bugatti Veyron detailing on PAGE 2.