Look At This PARACHUTE SKYDIVING Experience! Skydiver Jumps Without A Parachute! LEGENDARY STUNT!

Skydiving is a challenge for every adrenaline junkie there. Soaring above the world and feeling the rush of life. It`s totally a life altering experience. But you sure need a parachute when you have a parachute skydiving experience! This extraordinary heroic skydiver jumps without a parachute! Now that’s a stunt! The challenge is set up in the sky, above the clouds in southern Finland, in a hot air balloon, at a height of 13.000 feet. A very dizzying altitude.

The name of this heroic skydiver who has a real unique parachute skydiving experience is Antti Pendikanen. We can see him preparing to do the jump stunt on that dizzying altitude, he starts talking about how he is not going to need his parachute and then he takes it off and throws it down. Someone found a perfectly fine parachute somewhere down in a field in Finland! When his buddies on the hot air balloon saw that this stuntman drops his parachute from the hot air balloon their confusion is pretty clear. They are like what in god`s name is going on here!

Then this fearless stuntman takes the jump, together with his fellow skydivers who still had their own parachutes on of course. While they are skydiving down, the other skydivers tries to catch this heroic skydiver that is without a parachute before he hits the ground!

You can feel the adrenaline flowing through your veins just by watching the video let alone be in his skin. It`s very scary for us as viewers and you can`t stop thinking what is going on with this guy? Is he operated from fear?! It looks pretty much so. While they are skydiving down, the other fellas who got their parachute on tries to grasp him. Which they eventually managed to catch him in mid-air and land safely.

This parachute skydiving experience just takes your breath away and never gives it back. We can`t wait what this Finnish stuntman has in store for us next. But of course, it will be very hard for anyone to top this stunt.

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