Experience Bird’s-Eye View X DUBAI Sky Jump Like Never Before!

People have always been fascinated by birds and wanted to have the chance to go up in the air and see what is it like. As time was passing by, flight enthusiasts and inventors were trying to create a device that will at least make others feel like birds. There were numerous known and unknown attempts but the pivotal moment was when the Wright brothers made their first successful flight. Being up in the air was not a desire anymore. It became a reality. That revolutionary moment led humanity into new horizons. The Dubai sky jump video you are about to see is only a fragment but offers breathtaking experience.

Here, you have the chance to see two skydiving experts exploring the city of Dubai in a unique way. Between them, they have more than 15,000 hours of flight experience. Many of us would be pleased if had an opportunity to visit Dubai, yet these guys are enjoying it from the sky. See how they are preparing for their journey and enjoy the mesmerizing sights this video has to offer. However, we have one remark. Everything in this Dubai sky jump video is excellently made, except the part when they are landing. It is not shown.

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