During the thorough search to satisfy the most demanding needs for adrenaline, people have invented different kinds of extreme activities such as bungee jumping, riding in a roller coaster, skydiving, etc. However, some thrill seeking enthusiasts are still looking for the perfect activity that will make their heart skips a beat the proper way. One of them is this crazy guy who decides to do a free fall from a pretty high flat building in order to perform this trampoline jump.

Afterwards he rebounds high in the sky ending up into a swimming pool based on the top of the building facing the one where he firstly jumped. Sounds incredible and impossible, but by the reactions of the audience, we can say that this is a real action that required a lot of courage.

This is maybe the only man who had tried an extreme trampoline jump like this and there is no doubt that he immediately got the nickname Spiderman. But let us cut the talk now and leave you to enjoy this fantastic action that will surely shock you and entertain you.

(Or all of this is fake at the end. Anyway it looks funny 🙂 )

On the other hand, ever heard of cliff jumping?