Watch This EXTREME Bike Showroom French Performance!

With an exception of those who had been living under a rock for the last century or two, all of us know well that France is the country of love, charm, art, almost everything that is beautiful and appealing. And if you have been following it from time to time, then you know that TV commercials are also one of those things. Whether it is about French cars (those of you who had seen the Citroen`s commercials knows what I`m talking about), or something completely different, you cannot miss it with them. It is only fair to say that the people are good at it and that their sense of aesthetics is on a bit higher level. I`m saying this because the following video is actually a French commercial about…well, I`m not really sure about what, Kawasaki motorcycles would be my best guess, in which a guy with one awesome Kawasaki is getting into a motorcycle salon and tries to impress the girl which works at the bike showroom.

At the bike showroom, he is pulling every attractive stunt he knows, using every trick he has, doing wheelies, burnouts, but somehow the girl stays indifferent on his `attempts`. At the end of it, he is taking her by force, but even that does not work…

Want to find out how the whole thing ends? Just check out the video and enjoy it, it will be worth of your time, believe me.