Ariel Atom V8 Takes 600HP Citroen DS3 and BMW HP4 Superbike!

It is time for a drag race between:
1. 748HP/tonne power-to-weight ratio Ariel Atom V8!
2. Citroen DS3 Rally car with 577HP/tonne but with 4-wheel drive!
3. 757bhp/tonne BMW HP4 Superbike!

Look at these WACKY racers, aren`t they the best?! We have a great combination of three totally different vehicles, and they are all going to compete together on a 1/4 mile race! OK, let us see what do we have here? An Ariel Atom, a Citroen DS3 and a BMW HP4 superbike! Wow, pretty tough competition and only one can be the winner! This 1/4 mile sprint is definitely going to be very interesting. What do you think who will win? Do have a favorite and are you being bias? However, the whole race is right below, feel free to check it out!

Which is faster? See for yourself! Interested in knowing the best rally cars?

Enjoy the video below!

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