BMW M5 vs Kenworth Truck W900! That’s One HELL of a Truck!

This is not something you are used to see. Normally BMW M5 is competing against Mercedes AMG or Audi RS, or even some supercar…This time we will see a drag race of BMW M5 against a 2.000HP Kenworth Truck W900 with more than 2.600 lb-ft of torgue.

Ever doubted Diesel`s superiority? Of course you have, let`s be honest! Well, we are not picking sides here, but you should definitely watch this video we have prepared for you! It is an interesting drag race. Both opponents are similar, but yet, very different!!! We are talking about a BMW M5 and a KENWORTH W900! So, it is a car versus a truck! As for the race, no launch was seen when talking about the BMW, so the 2000 horsepower owned by the Kenworth turned out to be crucial! As the Truck won in this 1/8 mile race, check out the actual race to see how close they were!

So, which of these beasts will be a winner?! See for yourself!

Finally, you should see this self loading Kenworth!

Enjoy the video below!

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