Semi Truck Drag Racing In Puerto Rico Setting RECORDS!

Semi Truck Drag Racing In Puerto Rico Setting RECORDS

How about little trip to South America?! C’mon, it will be fun, we heard there is a great Drag Event there held in Puerto Rico! Not only that, a real surprise happened there! Well, we would not really call it a surprise since this semi-truck is already known there and it is really fast! To show you how fast it is, we will tell you it passed a 1/8 mile in 8.80 seconds! This is a really great result for a semi-truck to break into the 8s! Anyway, you can see it with your own eyes by hitting the play button below!

I hope the video was not speed up, because this truck is so freaking fast!

Check the size of those slick tires! Finally, check out these used semi trucks!

Enjoy the video below!

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