For people who are constantly on the move, on the road and searching the Internet as well, we have seen a decent amount of ridiculous things and situations. However, the following situation, featuring a wrecked truck, may be the new winner! Namely, it is a word of a pretty bizarre situation, which is rarely seen in person! We just don`t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing!

Anyway, in the first couple of seconds it seems like a completely normal situation. Just a semi-truck being overtaken by another vehicle. But right then is where the amazing happens! This particular truck appears to be more than 80% destroyed! How, why, when, what for, remains unclear. What truly adds to this whole situation is the calmness of the driver himself! Albeit his truck is more open than a convertible!

This wrecked truck is virtually decimated! It is a miracle that it actually is in driving condition! This vehicle has no roof, no passenger sear nor door, no windshield yet the driver`s door is still in place! In other words, more than half of the frontal part of this truck is simply GONE! We should not forget that there is a giant HOLE in the trailer as well. If you still cannot believe, be our guests and press play.

Finally, follow this link to watch a Volvo FMX destroying a concrete blocks house for test purposes!