Drunk GUY Driving A Lawn Mower With 10 Stolen Shopping Carts!

As I`m quite sure that all those amongst you who are following us on a regular basis know well that we are strongly opposed to any type of behavior behind the wheel that could be a cause for some tragedy on the road, we also must tell you that the reason why we are showing you the following video clip is very obvious (as you can presume). To have a few good laughs, and to take a little break from our loving American muscles, and all those drag battles, clouds of smoke and so on… So now we have this guy driving a lawn mower with 10 stolen shopping carts!

However, when it comes to this clip in particular, we cannot say for sure whether it is true or a fake (as I`m sure many of you will suggest). But regardless of which one is actually the truth, we think that it is simply very funny, and not sharing it would be a shame and a waste of a few good laughs about it.

So before leaving you to enjoy the show, I will say a few words, just in short terms. What we have here is a crazy and a hilarious moment from Steve`s life, as he is driving down the road with his lawn mower and stolen shopping carts, and runs upon a police patrol. But it is not his bizarre ride that mainly gets him in trouble, but the unusual `trailers` that he is towing. 10 shopping carts, (apparently) stolen and filled with lots of beer! And what follows is his confrontation with the cop!

But you better have a look at the video yourself, and have a few good laughs about it! And if you want to see something similar, cop pulling over some kids that are driving way too fast, click here.