FREE ELECTRICITY TRICK – REAL Or FAKE? Check This Video & Find Out Whether You Will NEVER Pay Another Bill In Your Life Or NOT!

From the very beginnings electricity was to be free of charge. Yes, that is actually true if you`ve read or researched the work of Nikola Tesla. Yeah, that however, never happened since Edison found a way how to charge it! Anyway, we often think about a world where electricity would be free, we would save so much money — it`s incredible! Well, there is a guy that seems to have founded a way for this to become reality. What he uses is an EXTENSION CORD and a LIGHTER! The steps of establishing this electrical source is pretty simple, so listen carefully! Using this free electricity trick you can use any electrical equipment without worrying about the bill! On top of that, you definitely don`t have to be an engineer to do this simple trick!

First off, simply plug in in the extension cord into one of its own outlets! All you have to do later is to irritate it with the lighter wires, and VOILA – you have yourself electricity! By doing this you can easily turn on a light bulb, a charger or a night light, whatever you want! However, this is very useful when winter comes and you really need that cheap electricity! Well, why not get it for free than? Take a look at this video and tell us what you think! Is this really possible or is totally fake? The idea of charging your phone for free all the time sounds so good! This is just one of the many reasons why you should try this simple electricity trick! It might save you a few dollars that you can spend on your car!

P.S. Did you know that you can make free electricity by pouring water from a can?! Check out this link for more information about this method!