TESLA’s Latest Product Powerwall Battery Can RUN YOUR HOME!

A month and a half after the first announcement, Tesla Motors presented their batteries for homes called Powerwall battery which should act as energy reservoirs for the solar cells in the period when it`s sunny, when for powering you cannot use the solar energy. Also, the batteries will be reserves in periods when there is an interruption in power supply. Pretty amazing right?

This is just another step of the company, to change the way how the society uses energy. According to the CEO Elon Musk, these batteries are completely environmentally friendly and do not emit gases with the “greenhouse effect”. With 160 million batteries of this type, the US can be completely supplied with power, while 2 billion are required for the entire World. And here are the prices: $3,500 for the 10KWh system and $3,000 for the 7KWh system. The price does not include the inverter and installation that could significantly raise the cost of the overall system. The good news is that the system will operate with the majority of the existing inverters, so for users who already use solar energy, there would be no need for an additional cost. The Powerwall battery also comes with a 10-year guaranteed warranty, and the American and the German market will have the chance to experience it first at the end of this summer.

For more information of this revolutionary product and its work, watch the video below. At last, follow this link to get more details at the official page of Tesla Motors.