“Oh My God! “Ok, I Got It! Holy…”, “WOW” – these are just a few of the comments that people said right after they have experienced their first drive in the Tesla P85D insane mode. Yes, this electric car has, believe it or not, has one powerful launch option named “Insane Mode” that helps the vehicle to run over 60 MPH in less than 4 seconds!!! People find that the main reason, why electric vehicles are the future, but whatever the predictions are, we must admit that we also want to sense this rollercoaster-look-alike launch.

In this experiment, a range of people from different backgrounds and age were tested in order for their first reaction to be captured. Some were braver, while others were scared, but at the end each one of them was shocked, amazed and stunned by the power of the Tesla P85D insane mode.

Wondering how that speed in that small amount is being achieved? Well, the so-called “Insane Mode” combines the output motors together for a combined 691 HP and 687 ft-lb of torque. And what is more fascinating is that all of that is electric.

But, let cut the talk now. The video itself says enough about the total fun and enjoyment this vehicle can offer. Plus, if you want to see the explicit version of it, follow this link.