You are in a huge rush, very late, traffic is awful but you need to be someplace immediately? On top of that, you try to start your car and then realize that you have a dead battery! Oh, sounds really bad, looks like nothing could make it worse. How are you supposed to start the car with a dead battery?! So, here`s the deal. You`re in the middle of nowhere and as people are these days, help comes form no one! People are skeptical these days and no one wants to stop in the middle of nowhere to fix your battery!

how to start a car with a dead battery

On the other hand, cabs are really expensive these days. Well, help comes from the East once again. What would we do if it was not for those amazingly crazy ideas that the Russians have!

Our Russian friends showed us their way of starting a car without a proper battery. The classic `push the car` trick doesn`t always work, especially if you find yourself on flat grass, or mud, or if your car has automatic transmission and needs specified amount of speed to start.

This amazing innovation puts these fellas on the top of my admiring list! Do not know about you, but that`s how I think it should be!

These really innovative and smart young men use things they can find in order to start the engine! In this particular case they are using a simple piece of string – that`s it.

Just wrapped the front tire with it and pulled. Did it work? Is it really that easy? Do not ask questions, click on the video bellow and see what happens!

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