Automatic vs Manual Transmission! 5 Myths About Stick Shifts!

Manual transmission cars always have their defenders. However the most important reasons for their desirability and superiority are not supported by arguments and facts. Here are our 5 stick shifts myths:

1. Vehicles equipped with manual transmission have better fuel economy than the ones with automatics.
2. A vehicle with a manual transmission always costs less than the same car with an automatic.
3. All the coolest sports cars  comes with manual transmission.
4. If your dream sportscar comes with manual transmission, you can get an automatic as an option anytime.
5. Teenagers and older women really wants to learn to drive on a car with manual transmission stick.

Watch the TOP GEAR video for Automatic VS Semi-Automatic VS Manual Transmission and stick shifts!

5 myths stick shifts

…and if you can concentrate on what she was saying watch the second video 🙂