SAVE Time & Gas! TRIGGER Green Traffic Lights With This TRICK!

If you or someone you know owns a motorcycle, a scooter or even a small car, you have probably noticed that it is easy to get stuck at traffic lights. But that does not happen with no reason. At the most traffic lights and turn signals you will notice a loop of wire put in the pavement on the road right in front of the stop line. This is called an inductive loop traffic detector which job is to sense a change in frequency of the electromagnetic field over the wire. In other words, when a car pulls up over the core, the field senses the vehicle and sends a signal to the traffic lights to turn green. However, motorcycles, bikes and even small cars, do not have enough conductive material to trigger green traffic lights and thus change them.

But, luckily today we have the solution for that. Watch this awesome educational video that will help you beat the traffic chaos from now on. With this easy trick you will save money, time and frustration. Moreover, in this video it will be proven its functionality with real life examples.

If you want to learn more on how to trigger green traffic lights, check this.