7 Energy Efficient Driving Strategies to Save Gas!

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Fuel efficiency is becoming more important in today’s world. It saves your money and protects the environment. We tried out all the gas-saving driving tactics we could think of and used the latest technology, equipment and software to bring you the 7 strategies that really work for better MPG.

1. Coast to a Stop

Brakes are very important part of the vehicle, but at the other side they are spending the kinetic energy from the moving car created by the expensive gasoline. It is well known that racing style of driving, accelerating till the last moment and hard braking after to stop is more inefficient than coasting until you stop. Your task in this strategy is to ease of the gas, break less and slowly coast until you stop, every time you predict that the light will turn red.

2. Avoid Slowly Speed Up

It is strange that, slow acceleration will spend more fuel then if you accelerate with the average speed. However, the most efficient acceleration depends from the type of the vehicle, engine, weight and gear ratios. So, it is very important to say that it`s far more efficient if you accelerate from 0-50 mph for 15 seconds than to spend 30 seconds to reach 50 mph. You will get poorer fuel economy if you speed up to slow.

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3: Close Windows at Low Speed & Use A/C at High Speed

Open windows of the vehicle are causing the greater coefficient of drag. Therefore you should ask whether to drive with open windows in the summer and no air conditioner or to close the windows and turn on the air conditioner? The answer is not simple and depends on the speed you drive. According to the tests, if you drive up to 55 mph then it is more efficient to drive with open windows and no air conditioning, and if your driving speed exceeds 60 mph then you need to close the windows and turn on the air conditioner.

4. Tire Pressure, Plan and Warm up

-- The tires pressure can really affect the fuel efficiency especially if you drive in the cross-town traffic. So, you need to keep the tires properly inflated and check them once a week.

-- In order to reduce the miles you need to run, plan your errands, join together all the separate outings and go around all in one trip.

-- When the car`s engine is warm you will get better fuel economy, so if you need to get out for 3-stop run, go for the farthest one first in order to warm up the engine before you stop.

-- Avoid gasoline with added Ethanol (E10 or E15), because the regular gasoline stores more energy and it doesn`t lower the fuel efficiency.

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5. Slower Speed for Better Fuel Efficiency

If you accelerate from 40 to 60 mph your car will spend less fuel than to accelerate from 60-80 mph due to the aerodynamic drag. According to some studies, cruising with 55 mph is the most efficient (if it is appropriate speed of the road). So, the advice is to avoid driving with more than 70-80 mph, because that will drain the car`s tank very quickly.

6. Climb the Hill Slowly

According to some, if you are approaching a hill, you should turn off the cruise control accelerate before you start to climb and slowly, with less gas climb to the top spot. You also need to avoid creating a wrath of drivers following you climbing the hill.

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7. Leave the Car in Gear When Coasting Downhill

It is a bad idea to coast downhill in neutral to save gas and is illegal in most of the states in U.S.(you can`t accelerate in case you need to avoid hazard). You can also overheat our brakes and lose their effectiveness, if you are using them coasting downhill.
So, coasting downhill in gear is more efficient because when you lift the foot from the gas the fuel injectors are shut off automatically and the rotating tires are keeping the engine running trough transmission. This is a fact!

This works only on the newer vehicles. At the other hand, fuel efficient vehicles like hybrid, fuel cell and electric car are becoming more and more wanted in today’s world. This will additionally save your money for the gas and protect the environment as well. Buying a new ‘regular’ or Eco-friendly car it’s not a bad idea!

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid -- efficiency-minded gas-electric vehicle!

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