7 Eco-Friendly Hyundai Vehicles that Protects the Environment!

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`Blue Drive` is the name of Hyundai`s Green Technology Strategy!

Hyundai is ultimately targeting Zero CO2 plan and `Low Carbon Green Technology` in order to reduce environment pollution of its Eco friendly cars that apply this sophisticated technology. In general the goal of Hyundai`s `Blue Drive` strategy is to increase fuel efficiency and develop Eco friendly vehicles including: bio fuel, hybrid technology, electric and hydrogen fuel cell cars. The ultimate focus is to the creation of cars that don`t produce any CO2 at all.

Hyundai `Green Move` Initiative

With Hyundai`s `Green Move` initiative all the responsible global citizen can start to help the environment directly. With this project Hyundai is working with all the communities around the world in order to protect the environment. They are building forests, realizing recycling programs, helping the endangered species, helping for reducing of air pollution and global warming, as well as production of Eco-friendly vehicles.

Hyundai Environmental Management Projects

Hyundai is an Eco responsible company with a strong commitment to environmental management and one of the global leaders in preserving the Earth with several projects shown below:

• Management Hazardous Substance- as comprehensive hazardous materials management!
• Satisfying EU Regulation
• Ozone Depleting Chemicals Use Prohibition
• Management System for Chemicals
• Hazardous Chemicals Management System
• Environmental Certification (LCA, DfE, TÜV NORD, UL (Underwriters Laboratories)…)
• Greenhouse Gas Emission Certificate
• Low Carbon Certificate

Hyundai Green Technology Vehicles

1. Sonata Hybrid – Simple System with Optimized Control and Efficiency

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2. i-Oniq – New Concept Hatchback Style

eco 2 3. Blue2 – Hydrogen Fuel Cell Concept

eco 3 4. HED-VII -- Diesel hybrid Concept Car

eco 4 5. i10 Blue-On – Eco-friendly Electric Car

eco 5 6. Avante – Lpi Hybrid

eco 6 7. Tucson/ix35 – Hydrogen Fuel Cell (Officially Produced)

eco 7

Hyundai Eco Video

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