‘Fluidic Sculpture’ – Hyundai’s Design Philosophy is Inspired by NATURE!

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Hyundai is Capturing the Dynamism and Beauty of Nature!

`Fluidic Sculpture` is Hyundai`s elegant, simple and powerful philosophy that is inspired by the strong movement and vitality of nature. In the design of every vehicle created with this philosophy is showing a unique identity that sets Hyundai apart the other competitors. This is strongly `Hyundai` design!

Hyundai Engaged ex-VW Group Head Designer Peter Schreyer!

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Hyundai has hired Peter Schreyer, ex Audi and VW design chief to be President of Overseas Hyundai and Kia’s design centers.

Peter Schreyer Career Highlights:

• 1953 -- Place of born: Bad Reichenhall, Deutschland
• 1975~79 -- Industrial Design School in Munich
Royal College of Art in London
• 1994-2002 -- Head of Audi Design
• 2002-2006 -- Head of VW Design
• 2006-2012 -- Chief Design Officer of Kia Motors
• 2013- present -- Appointed President of Hyundai& Kia Design Center

Karim Rashid will create ART design for Hyundai!

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Hyundai has hired Karim Rashid one of the world’s best industrial designers. He is known for its creative, now unseen vision highlighted through its design of products from major brands, design interiors for well-known companies, furniture design with his signature…

Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe`s Storm Edge concept represents bold and voluminous design that captures the power and delicacy of nature during the storm creation in the sky.

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Veloster is based on Carving-Ray concept that represents very powerful artwork created by the flow of light and sport. The original `1 left, 2 rights` practical design is inspired by the Hyundai`s “New Thinking. New Possibilities”.

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Hyundai Sonata`s design shows a flexible and dynamic design concept as a result of inspiration from the elegant, intimate and soft orchid, named as “Orchid Stroke”. Its popularity has already been proven from customers worldwide.

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Hyundai Santa Fe ‘Fluidic Sculpture’ Video


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