4 Major Movements of 2013 Hyundai’s Brand Innovation Strategy!

Brand 7

Hyundai`s Key Strategy is based on qualitative growth and global competitiveness. The biggest aim of this Korean multinational conglomerate is to deliver customer satisfaction and best quality at every point. Investment in the electronic control technology and eco-friendly vehicles is expanding from year-to-year in order to secure technology competitiveness.

1.       First movement – Hyundai`s Luxury Vehicles Sales Growth

Hyundai launched of its HCD-14 Genesis luxury concept at Detroit Motor Show in order to secure company`s technology and future premium convenience competitiveness with cutting edge technologies such as innovative eye-catching design and gesture controls.

Brand 2HCD-14 Genesis indicates the focus of design direction of future product vehicles that will be produced in the premium segments. As a result sales of Hyundai`s luxury vehicles have remarkable growth worldwide, especially in the U.S., Middle East and China.

2.       Second Movement -- Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell Mass Production

The second movement from Hyundai`s Key Strategy in 2013 is the beginning of assembly line production for public and private lease of ix35 Fuel Cell. With this move Hyundai became the world`s first automaker that began series production of zero-emissions vehicles.

brand 3 For these remarkable results in preserving the environment the biggest Korean automobile producer received the prestigious “FuturAuto” award at the 2013 Brussels Motor Show. Hyundai ix35 FCEV started to prove its endless possibilities on the official test-drive events for the EU policymakers in Brussels this year.

3.       Third Movement – Preparing for WRC debut with Hyundai i20

Hyundai improved the team for successful start on the WRC in 2014. After its demonstration at Paris Motor Show, Hyundai upgraded this race car i20 WRC trough private testing and technology development.

brand 5Several updates were made on the aerodynamics, chassis and the vehicle`s cooling system. The collaboration between Hyundai`s R&D Center in Korea, Hyundai`s Europe Center Alzenau, Germany and the Hyundai WRC Principal Michel Nandan is already on the highest level.

4.       Fourth Movement – New Vehicle Test Center in Nurburgring, Germany

brand 4Hyundai revealed its plans for the 5.5 million euro investment for the vehicle test center in Nurburgring, Germany. This brand revealed its commitment to develop the quality and performance of its vehicles designated for the European market.  With the construction of this center by the test-track Hyundai will upgrade the driving, durability and reliability of its cars.


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