You Locked the Key Inside the Car? Need to Send Emergency Notification? HYUNDAI has a Solution!

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2-way Communication between the Hyundai Vehicle and the Outside World!

Every automaker is turning to `Telematics` in order to differentiate themselves from the competitors. Hyundai has unveiled its electronic car care hand-holding as a part of its Blue Link services such as emergency crash notification. The name of this service is Hyundai Assistance Connected Care and together with the Blue Link services are free for the first 3 years.

This `Telematics` concerns the 2-way communication between the vehicle and the outside world. The most common service is remote door unlock (when the driver lock his key inside the car) and the most known is the emergency crash notification.

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Hyundai has a Plan: More Stuff to More Models and Free for 3 Years!

Hyundai offers for free for the first 3 years of ownership, the Blue Link for the `Telematics` together with Bluetooth and new additional features to the service. Blue link service compromises the offerings like: emergency assistance, crash notification, door unlock as well as road assistance. This system exists on the most Hyundai models and will be added to Accent, Elantra and Tucson in the next year.

This service includes monthly car health report by email, maintenance alerts, In-Car service scheduling and vehicle diagnostics. The idea is to steer the customers to the service rather than independent repairs shops.

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You Lost Your Job? No, problem!

Hyundai Assurance Connected Care started as a program which let the buyers to back out their purchased car in case they lose their jobs. This program also includes the lengthy warranty with road assistance and together with Blue Link are offered as 3 years free program.

See What Hyundai Blue Link Can Do for You!

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