8 Tips to Prepare Your Car For the Spring!

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The winter is in the rearview now, so you should get your car ready for the spring.
At first look in your owner’s manual to find out where the different fluid bottles are. You need to keep an eye on a full-line of every bottle during the year. It is essential to have a detail look at your car after the winter to ensure your vehicle is ready for the upcoming spring period concerning the minimum driving conditions and safety.

List of Things To Do, to Prepare Your Car for the Spring Months!

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1. Alignment -- Maybe the winter driving conditions caused damages to your car. If you have noticed that your vehicle pulls to left or right side than you should check your alignment.


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2. Oil & Fluids – The beginning of the spring is recommended time for oil change as well as for fluids checkup because they are very important for the vehicle`s performance.
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3. Tires – Maybe some of your tires are been ruined during the winter period and need to be repaired, rotated or even replaced. Be sure to adjust the tire pressure according to the recommendation.

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4. Brakes – It is essential to have your brakes checked after the winter, because they could lose their functionality.



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5. Battery – Check the battery from corrosion and dirt around the connections and posts, check the date on the battery and ask for the expert checkup of the battery`s functionality in the service.


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6. Wiper Blades -- Rough winter conditions can damage the wiper blades, especially if grime or salt touches them. That`s why they are the most over looked parts of the vehicles. So make sure to replace the wiper blades at the beginning of spring in order to prepare your car for the rain in the next months.

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7. Belts & Hoses – Make sure that you will inspect all the hoses and belts in the service after the winter period, because they could be damaged through the winter conditions. So call in the service to schedule an appointment.

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8. Car Wash – The extreme winter conditions together with the salt, grime and debris can damage the exterior of the car, so make sure to wash the car even from underside. Also make sure to cover all the new scratches with touch paint to protect the surface from corrosion. Clean the interior of the car as well.


The American Red Cross Recommended Car Kit!

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The American Red Cross recommends making a kit with the essentials your family will need. So please consider these suggestions for building your family kit:

-- Containers of water for the whole family
-- Packages of non-perishable food
-- First aid kit
-- Medications and medical items
-- Flashlight
-- Battery powered crank radio
-- Extra batteries
-- Multipurpose tool
-- Sturdy shoes
-- Cell phone chargers
-- Emergency blanket
-- Map(s) of the area

Prepare for the spring and enjoy your wonderful worry-free summer (with your new Hyundai)!

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