Hyundai Santa Fe Safer than Mercedes-Benz M-Class and Range Rover!

Santa Fe NCAP 1

2013 Hyundai Santa Fe -- One of The Safest Vehicle Ever Tested!

Santa Fe NCAP 22013 Hyundai Santa Fe is the safest car in its class according to Euro NCAP during 2012. New generation Santa Fe reached the best scores in all test categories during the testing in its class and become one of the safest vehicles ever tested by Euro NCAP as the independent vehicle assessment organization.

Safer that Mercedes-Benz M-Class and Range Rover!

Hyundai`s mid-size SUV won in the category “Large Off-Road 4×4” above the Mercedes-Benz M-Class and Range Rover (vehicles from the segment above) and became the first Hyundai that is safer than these two brands.36 vehicles passed through testing and the top 8 performers were recommended by Euro NCAP for the leading levels of safety.

Euro NCAP Categories of Testing

Santa Fe NCAP 41.Adult Occupant Category -- Santa Fe scored 96%, with the highest score in the side barrier test.

Santa Fe NCAP 62.Child Occupant Category – this Hyundai’s D-segment SUV scored 89%.

Santa Fe NCAP 53.Safety Assist CategoryESP, VSM (Vehicles Stability Management) and other features contributed for a score of 86%.

Santa Fe NCAP 104.Pedestrian Safety Category – Active Hood System contributed for the best score of 71%

Santa Fe is Hyundai`s first car equipped with an active hood system. This system is activated if pedestrian is hit and reduces the forces of impact and as a result reduces the injuries. This feature makes the new Santa Fe the safest vehicle in this category and the rivals nearest score was 63%

Top Safety, Very Low CO2, Emotional Design and High Level of Equipment

Santa Fe NCAP 3HME Senior Vice President and COO, Allan Rushforth said that the new Santa Fe`s recommendation by Euro NCAP as the safest in its class vehicle, demonstrates the commitment of Hyundai to the safety of its customers and the other participants on the roads.

He said this SUV`s safety combined with its very low CO2 emission, emotional design and high level of equipment makes the New Santa Fe completes the premium package for the buyers.

2013 Hyundai Santa Fe is the latest model from Hyundai that achieved 5-star score in the rigorous programme of Euro NCAP, after the top ratings by the other models: new i20, ix20, new i30, i40, ix35, and Veloster.

First Time in Class Premium Features!

Santa Fe premium features are welcomed for the first time in its class.

Santa Fe Euro NCAP 13

Rear Parking Camera with Parking Assist Control connected with the LCD Display, Lane Assist Control on the highway, Panorama Sun Roof, 7 Seats Option, Active Hood System, 220v jack…are the high level equipment elements of the new SUV star.


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