There is a reason why we say that humans have two worlds: a women`s world, and a men`s world! I put the women`s world first, because, somehow they always manage to win in everything! Including LIFE EXISTENCE! Yes, they live longer than men on average, and we might just have found out the reason! In the video we have our hero, the guy we all are inside us, still a KID IN HEART, something that is frequently been told to men! However, this guy is unique as he decided to get a swing on an extreme CAROUSEL! Yup, we know. It doesn`t sound really UTTERMOST, but wait till you hear the next part which will shock you!!!

The CAROUSEL is actually a DIGGER with a ROPE attached to its BUCKET!!! As our hero holds strong of the rope, the PARTY BEGINS!!! Everyone is watching him curiously, he gets applause and ovation! As he steps on the ground, he is a HERO!!! He took circles faster than a PROPELLER! Ok, maybe a little slower, but just A LITTLE!!! You have to see this extreme carousel, check out the video below! ENJOY THE VIDEO – ENJOY LIFE!!!

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