Here is something that we definitely do not get to see at every wedding. It is probably the best wedding attendance of (obviously) many Gearheads, who had decided to mark their presents properly, and give that wedding party a special kind of charm. The video is coming from the Ozzie land, the country that has already given so many great videos that have been a real joy and pleasure for all of us. The whole wedding burnout thing is happening in one suburban Sidney street, that looked like a real supercar catwalk with many Lamborghini Aventador monsters, spiced up with few Mercedes models, and some bikes, and the video was filmed by the company which supplied many of the cars.

We have no idea whether this whole tire shredding performance was previously arranged or it happened spontaneously, but the fact is that with their massive wedding burnout, the guys created a total eclipse of the sun. As you will see it for yourself, in those moments, the entire street looks like a track from a Formula Drift championship. And that is what I call a wedding to remember!

Just watch the video below and see what I`m talking about. Maybe it will inspire some of you to do something similar yourself! And if you want to read an interesting article about a list of the best cars for burnouts, go to this link.