Just when we are begining to think that we had seen it all, and that there is nothing more left out there on the hypercar scene, that can make us look at it with our mouth open and leave us completely mesmerized, we come across an example like this one, that literally knock us down with its utter beauty! This absolutely jaw-dropping specimen is the very first European Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador, a proud product of the SB Race Engineering.

This creative aftermarket company is based in North London, in Great Britain, and it was founded in 2009. Even though, compared with some other aftermarket companies, they are relatively new on the scene, in this past six years, they have established themselves as a top brand, that has given us numerous modified and tuned supercars.

This Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador, started as a 692 HP Lambo, but after the SB Race Engineering`s work and modifications made on it, its power is increased up to 900 HP. Also, there are notable deviations of its body, with much bigger rear wing, carbon-fiber front splitter, brand new front bumper, and many other features. Also, this out-of-this-world supercar features a new Air Suspension system, factory reversing camera, and new parking sensors, and other hi-tech gadgets.

Now check out the video and see this mesmerizing beauty with your own eyes, and enjoy it! And if you want to find out something more about the SB Race Engineering, click here.