LP720-4 Lamborghini Aventador LIBERTY WALK With Some SYMPHONY!

Prepare for the SHOCK before watching this Lamborghini Aventador LIBERTY WALK LP720-4 With Some SYMPHONY Music & HOT Flames!

The automobile in the video below is prepared to be displayed at the annual SEMA event! After one year of hard work, it is all set and ready to show what it has got! But before it gets to SEMA, we can all see it here on MuscleCarsZone.com! At the beginning of the video, you can see the logos of the companies that made this Lambo perform as you are going to see it! Also, get your sound devices ready, but don`t increase the volume too much. This fire spitting Aventador is thunderous! All in all, this vehicle is a moving perfection!

*If anyone is interested about the song: Trap Music -- Flaxo -- Riddim (Original Mix)! Just turn your speakers on and enjoy the awesome video below!